AVL International

This page is dedicated to our foreign friends who want to know more about us!

We are a group of sailing lovers who organize many sailing-related activities, such as courses for beginners, trainings for our young athletes and competitions for all ages sailors. Our qualified instructors train children between 7 and 15 years (Optimist, Laser and Dinghy category) and they partecipate themselves to many offshore competitions.

The aim of our organization is to make people passionate about a wonderful sport that requires a great feeling with the environment, and which includes both single and group activities. That’s why we offer to all our members the possibility to use the association boats for free to go sailing the lagoon.

Our association is located in Lido, the biggest island of the Venetian lagoon, where there are many famous beaches and hotels, such as Excelsior Hotel, well known for hosting the Venice Film Festival every September.

In Lido you can also find a number of different sport associations, such as soccer, rugby, golf, basketball, archery and tennis societies. There is also a public swimming pool not far from our sailing club.

Sailing in the venetian lagoon is a great opportunity to get to know Venice and its territory under an unconventional point of view; this is the reason why we offer a wide range of formulas for our associates who want to learn more about this sport and to experience our city in a new way.

To get more informations about our courses, contact us (scuolavela.avl@gmail.com).